Community, good vibes and smiles.

POi BO brings together a community of creative, positive and brave people, involving them in social and humanitarian initiatives with the goal of leaving a smile.

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The POi BO eyewear collections feature a minimal and whimsical concept, with attention to every detail pursuing the top level of quality.

Each collection is inspired by a unique mood and highlights models with original frames and lenses.

Help us helping

At POi BO.. we believe a smile can make the difference. In addition to bringing Good Vibes into everyday life, POi BO.. contributes to sharing smiles with those who need it most.

By purchasing POi BO.. you will also contribute to making a difference.


    POi BO .. together with its community is excited to help and participate in future social and humanitarian initiatives to always leave a positive footprint.


    Our products are free from substances that are harmful to the environment, consumers and people who make and sell them.


    Each step of the manufacturing process is tracked to ensure that neither people nor the environment are exploited in the process.