Our Story

POi BO is an Italian social expression, meaning to live in the moment"Life is too short, tomorrow is not promised. Don't wait for things to be perfect - live it now. "

Alessandro and Silvia created POi BO in January 2020 in Melbourne when Australia was hit by the bushfires. The idea was to involve Italy - their home community, in showing support to the bushfire relief and thereby expressing the power of Humanity.

Silvia’s International upbringing and background has driven Alessandro’s professional football player’s career to international exposure - from Italian Series A, English Premier League , China Super League and the now the Australian League.  Over the last 12 years, they have lived in 9 cities across 3 continents. The family had the privilege to meet people and experience different cultures from all over the world.


Sunglasses enthusiasts and collectors, Alessandro and Silvia personally follow the entire creative process behind the POi BO Eyewear line, from conception to final production.

The POi BO Eyewear collection follows a minimal and imaginative line, with attention to every detail so that the maximum level of quality is always achieved. Each collection is inspired by a unique mood and includes models with original frames and lenses.

The quality of the lenses and of the materials used is what distinguishes POi BO sunglasses, making them the most popular item of the brand.

POi BO Eyewear collections are always limited edition, meaning a fixed amount of items is put into production.

By ordering a pair of POi BO sunglasses you'll be guaranteed of receiving an original item in your hands, made with high quality materials and care, including personal support always available.

POi BO is something that goes beyond branding a product. It is a State of mind, a way of living Life with an Attitude that Spreads Smiles and Positive Vibes.

The solidarity commitment of Silvia and Alessandro remains the fulcrum of POi BO which, by involving the community, continues to help and participate in social and humanitarian initiatives with the aim of always leaving a positive footprint.

Good Vibes Only.  POi BO